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When we were growing up, primary, middle, and secondary school were required because the State was assigned the responsibility for preparing children for “grown up” life.  Our personal attitudes toward learning were formed during those years when we were progressing through the grades.  If a student had a bad experience with a teacher or with a subject, often that bad experience […]

The usual way that Program Management Offices (PMO) impact the firm’s strategy is through the execution of their “value proposition.”  The execution of projects yields tangible, concrete assets; new processes; or principles of operation that guide the firm and add long term value to the shareholders.  This blog post addresses how PMOs can more effectively deliver […]

While researching and writing this PMO blog, I have observed that, in the last several years, project-focused organizations have increasingly expanded the use of (or created) Program Management Offices within their organizations.  Historically, the PMO concept first appeared in Information Technology or Information Services organizations, principally because those structures advocated and sponsored more disciplined and […]

When I was about ten years old, growing up in Concord, North Carolina, there was an activity that I really enjoyed each week.  It was watching the “Baseball Game of the Week.”  Now you have to understand that baseball on television then was very different from baseball on TV today.  There was no WGN in Chicago to […]

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