Recently I collaborated on a podcast with Wayne Thompson, the host of the very popular blog “Project Management War Stories.” 

Wayne wanted a topic that would continue the theme of PMO structure, organization, and function within a larger enterprise.  We decided to revisit the topic of building a PMO from the “grass roots level”, which many of you will recognize from my previous posts as taking a clean sheet of paper as the starting point.

In this podcast, you’ll learn about:

1.  The importance of  “commitment” vs. “compliance” in the design and success of a PMO.

2.  Issues of  “accountability” vs. “authority” in PMO organizations.

3.  Designing a PMO for a small entrepreneurial organization vs. designing a PMO for a larger, more disciplined, bureaucratic organization.

4.  The importance of including all Stakeholder voices to the design and success of a PMO.

5.  Building “capability” as a critical success factor in the design of a PMO.

Thanks to Wayne for directing this effort–the resulting podcast is now ready for your listening enjoyment on the “Project Management War Stories” blog site.   

Thanks so much for your attention.  As always, your comments are welcome.

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