In a recent blog post, I discussed using “Design Thinking” principles to define complete business requirements for projects. 

Audience response to this post was extremely positive, so I recently collaborated with Wayne Thompson, the author of the very popular blog “Project Management War Stories” to develop a two-part podcast on his blog site about the “Design Thinking” topic.

Part One of the podcast covers background material on why project teams often fail to define complete business requirements for projects and are forced to rework and redo much of their planning. 

Part Two of the podcast covers the use of “Design Thinking” and other innovation principles to better define project business requirements. 

I hope all PMO practitioners, project managers, and project team members find these podcasts interesting and enlightening.  I have certainly enjoyed working with Wayne Thompson on these topics, and we are planning a new podcast for later this month on Project Lessons Learned.  Stay tuned for that next podcast and thanks for your support.

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