I have always thought that summer was a time for “renewal.”

After all, isn’t that why there was no school in the summer, and why your parents sent you to those summer camp “enrichment” programs?  It was so you could relax and enjoy some subjects and activities that you were not exposed to during the remainder of the year.  And as you got older, perhaps you had a chance to attend a special summer program in a college or university setting, where other students like yourself could engage in debates and cultural activities that were “enriching.”

At some point in your life, you may have noticed that there was a transition away from those “renewal” activities that were planned by others, to renewal activities that you planned by yourself.  Maybe you didn’t notice this transition since you were caught up in the fast pace of growing up, but, as John C. Maxwell has said, “man has choices and the choices a man makes in turn make him.”

So–Summer is a time for renewal.  It’s up to you to grasp those opportunities for renewal wherever they might be in your life.

And, if you are part of a larger project community, or a member of a Program Management Office (PMO), it might be time for you to seek out some activities to renew your PMO as well.

What better time than the summer to pursue such renewal?

Give this some thought.  How can I as a project or PMO practitioner provide some renewal activities for my PMO?

Show some leadership and initiative to make this renewal something that lasts year-round in your PMO.

For example, look at some liason opportunities with a local PMI Chapter, or some special training that could be brought on-site to enrich your colleagues in the Best Practices of a PMO.

Renewal is up to you.  No one will plan for it any longer.  Summer is a great time to pursue it.  Get started today.

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