Everyone is talking about “Lessons Learned.”  With the wrath of hurricane Irene being felt up and down the east coast this week, David Gregory asked the FEMA Director on “Meet the Press” Sunday what lessons had been learned from Katrina that positively impacted the response to Irene.  Governor Christie of New Jersey declared that there would be an after action (review) of the response in his State to Irene.  “”Lessons Learned” became a buzzword in the press again.

What is my definition of a “Lesson Learned?” 

A “Lesson Learned” is an EXPERIENCE or EVENT that can be used to improve a process.  Lessons Learned arise from many different activities in life.  They can arise from car accidents, military conflicts, weather related events or just about any activity in which an ACTION leads to a RESULT or OUTCOME.  “Lessons Learned,” if captured and shared can lead to an improvement in the way these ACTION processes are handled in the future.

My experience lies in the area of Project Lessons Learned.

I have written extensively over the past two years in this blog and also through the podcasts with Wayne Thompson of “Project Management War Stories” that Lessons Learned are here to stay.  Companies and clients of many companies are demanding better mechanisms to guide their continuous improvement activities.

So, get with it!!!!    Lessons Learned for many daily processes and activities are here to stay.

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