I recently had the opportunity to discuss BOT International’s  Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Advisory Services with Mark Price Perry, BOT International’s founder. 

Our podcast on this topic is available here (Podcast No. 229).

I have worked in this field for many years, during which time I worked with several major project organizations.  I feel that now is the time for increased emphasis on Lessons Learned. 

Early in 2011, I predicted that more companies would seek to close projects successfully and to capture project lessons learned.  In fact, I stated that those companies who successfully documented and shared lessons learned would gain a decided competitive advantage with regard to competition.

Today, I see a trend toward being more open in organizations with regard to “project failures” and poor performance of projects.  However, it is still a “culture” phenomenon, and much work must still be done with organizations to help them gain an appreciation for the full value of lessons learned.

Our BOT International work has shown that how project and PMO organizations embrace “change” is very much related to how they embrace lessons learned.  The discipline of lessons learned is all about change. 

To quote John C. Maxwell:  “Real change occurs as the result of either inspiration or desperation.” 

Project and PMO organizations that are “business driven” and proactive take a decidedly different approach to that of project and PMO organizations that are on the “compliant” end of the spectrum.  This difference between “commitment” and “compliance” when addressing change is important.

Our BOT International consulting offerings in the Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Advisory Practice take these CHANGE, CULTURE, and PMO MATURITY issues into account in their planning and execution.

All of our consulting offerings approach project lessons learned from a Framework which contributes to a continuous process improvement environment for the organization.

We have four basic consulting offerings from BOT International regarding Project Closeout and Lessons Learned.  I would like to review each one and provide the following information:  type of engagement, length of engagement, participants, focus, and outcomes.

First, we have a culture and change initiative (PCOLL010).  This is a three to five day on site intensive culture initiative to instill an appreciation for project lessons learned and the value to be gained by sharing information.

The second offering is a three day intensive workshop (PCOLL020) aimed at groups of 20 or less to discuss tactical aspects of documenting lessons learned. 

The third offering is a five day on site engagement (PCOLL030) which combines the three day workshop with intensive discussion of project culture and importance of lessons learned in a continuous process Improvement framework.

The fourth offering is an intensive one day on site workshop (PCOLL040) whose participants will become “mentors” to others in the organization with regard to capturing, documenting and sharing project lessons learned.  The selection of these “mentors” is a collaborative effort with the project organization.

Obviously, these four offerings can be modified to meet the needs of specific organizations based on their individual project and business contexts, project organization maturity or Management’s desire to change the culture.  I would be happy to work with any Managers who wish to emphasize a specific aspect of Project Lessons Learned or Knowledge Management in our consulting work.

Please contact me at mbost@botinternational.com to discuss how BOT International can assist you with Project Closeout and Lessons Learned or any other aspects of PMO Setup and Maturity.



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