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In my new book, Lessons Learned:  Taking Project Management to a New Level in a Continuous Process Improvement Framework, I talk at great length about the role that organizational dynamics plays in driving the behaviors and ultimately the performance of groups like PMOs or Project Offices. Some people have asked me to elaborate more on […]

Some people are bitten with it an early age.  Some in later life. Some experience it through an event that happened directly to them.  Some experience it by watching someone else impacted by an event. Some are touched by a revelation about some aspect of life that they either did not understand before or to […]

Like many football fans last weekend, I watched the gripping championship games this Sunday. What really hit me about these games was the enormity that they have taken on in recent times.  These are no ordinary football games.  They are duels between two teams fighting to make it to the Super Bowl on February 2….Ground Hog Day. But even more than the games […]

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