Some people are bitten with it an early age.  Some in later life.MH900309173

Some experience it through an event that happened directly to them.  Some experience it by watching someone else impacted by an event.

Some are touched by a revelation about some aspect of life that they either did not understand before or to which they had not previously been exposed.

No matter how it happens to you….BECOME A LIFE-LONG LEARNER.

Embrace what you know, but acknowledge what you don’t know–especially what you know you don’t know.

Choose a “philosophy of life” and let your experiences and relationships guide you to a higher level understanding of what life is all about.

Lou Tice once said “People act according to the truth as they perceive it to be.”  Yes, everyone has a different TRUTH they are living by….one that is based on how and what they perceive about their surroundings and environment.

However, be very wary that you don’t exclude other things from your environment that you need to learn as the world evolves on a day to day basis.  It is so easy to be a life-long learner about those things you want to learn about, but to be oblivious as to other things you need to know.  This is a mistake.

In your Project organization, have you become a life-long learner?  Begin today.

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