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As active project managers and PMO leaders, we need to look beyond just “linear thinking” and explore some other ways of examining situations, gathering information, and making decisions.  “Nonlinear thinking” “systems thinking,” and “integrative thinking” are just a few variations we need to be aware of and use occasionally.  This blog post is about “linear” […]

I have received a number of comments from readers of my blog MEL BOST PMO EXPERT that make the observation that applying the Framework I have stressed in my book, Lessons Learned: Taking Project Management to a New Level, must mean that you have a large business process that needs improvement. However, consider the fact that lessons learned are all […]

It’s funny how the brain and your mind work together–even when you are not engaged consciously in an activity. Take for example one of the Lou Tice principles I have often referred to in this blog. Lou Tice often said that managers should not wait until they have assembled all their resources to make bold […]

Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand, and with a lever I will move the whole world.” As a project manager, you have probably used the term “lever” in the engineering or physics context to describe a device that can be used to gain a “mechanical advantage” in a given […]

Readers of my new book Lessons Learned:  Taking Project Management to a New Level in a Continuous Process Improvement Framework will know that I present a Framework for identifying, capturing, documenting, and sharing “actionable” project lessons learned with the organization, and incorporating them in the project process. Along with this Framework, I have presented a […]

In my new book Lessons Learned:  Taking Project Management to a New Level in a Continuous Process Improvement Framework, I discuss identifying, capturing, documenting, and sharing project lessons learned, and feeding them back to improve the project and business processes through a Continuous Process Improvement Framework. Many readers have asked me about Continuous Process Improvement, […]

In my new book, Lessons Learned:  Taking Project Management to a New Level in a Continuous Process Improvement Framework, I talk at great length about the role that organizational dynamics plays in driving the behaviors and ultimately the performance of groups like PMOs or Project Offices. Some people have asked me to elaborate more on […]

Some people are bitten with it an early age.  Some in later life. Some experience it through an event that happened directly to them.  Some experience it by watching someone else impacted by an event. Some are touched by a revelation about some aspect of life that they either did not understand before or to […]

Like many football fans last weekend, I watched the gripping championship games this Sunday. What really hit me about these games was the enormity that they have taken on in recent times.  These are no ordinary football games.  They are duels between two teams fighting to make it to the Super Bowl on February 2….Ground Hog Day. But even more than the games […]

Many readers of my blog will know that I have discussed Best Practices in project management practices and processes a number of times.  Basically, a Best Practice is a process that an organization or group has utilized a number of times and achieved success with many times in regard to the objectives and outcomes of the process […]

In my work with Program Management Offices (PMOs) for the past few years, I have developed some observations about PMO maturity, and the capabilities and competencies that PMOs have incorporated into their overall organizational makeup. Typically, PMOs are formed in organizations to ensure that the project groups can consistently and repeatedly deliver excellence in their […]

Why do golfers watch “The Golf Channel” on TV? I believe that at least 90% of the viewers already know how to play the game. Many of them are so good they compete in tournaments all over the world. But they still watch “The Golf Channel” every time they get a chance. Well, the truth […]

Two weeks ago I presented a program to my weekly luncheon networking group, the Tulsa Business Alliance.  Over the last several years, I have noticed that many people, including some members of my luncheon networking group, have been reluctant to participate in the “social media” revolution. I believe the reason for this is that they […]

I am certain that every active project manager has encountered a situation in which a project sponsor, stakeholder, or even a team member seems to be taking actions in the short term that would tend to undermine the success of the project, or to disagree with previous decisions on project scope, direction, or management. Some […]

One of the fallacies that many people who do not work in the project management field believe is that all those people in the project community are avid students of project management and that many of them are “certified” by somebody to be “real” Project Managers. In reality, it is a fact that anyone can […]

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