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Readers of this column should be very attuned to my use of “reframing” of issues in project management, whether it be with regard to defining Significant Events for Project Lessons Learned, or addressing issues in projects that can have interpretations that lead to decisions of real consequence with regard to outcomes.  However, I have not […]

A few weeks ago, I was watching a Charlie Rose interview with Renee Fleming which had aired on TV in 2003.  In the interview, she admitted that she had suffered several bouts of “stage fright” in her illustrious, musical and artistic career in opera.  When asked what can contribute to such a condition, her response […]

In February 2012, my wife, Linda, had a knee replacement surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ.  We planned to be in Phoenix for at least six weeks following the surgery for physical therapy and follow-up visits at the Mayo Clinic.  As we packed our bags for the trip to Phoenix, Linda included a […]

When I was a teenager, I walked into our family room one evening and found my father on his hands and knees in the middle of the floor.  Around him were four flip charts and he was drawing with crayon freehand on each of the four flip charts. “What are you doing?” I exclaimed. “You […]

So you have been a project manager for quite some time now and you think you have done a good job.  Sure, you’ve made some mistakes and some bad decisions along the way that you wish you could have reversed at the time and sown better judgment in handling.  But, overall you think you have […]

My recent PMO blog posts have consistently addressed some of the prerequisites for an “actionable” Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Process for the PMO or project organization.  In general, these have been activities or competencies or capabilities that the organization needs to nurture in order to really make Project Lessons Learned an active contributor to […]

In the course of my work developing an “actionable” framework for project lessons learned, I have learned that one of the great facilitating actions contributing to a robust and “actionable” Project Lessons Learned Framework is an active Project Risk Management Plan.  Many project organizations already incorporate Risk Management as a capability in their planning and execution […]

When I teach project managers about Project Lessons Learned for the single project case—that is, when a project manager identifies, documents, and shares lessons learned from a recently completed project—I emphasize three areas upon which they must focus their attention to in order to determine Significant Events for Lessons Learned.  The three areas are (1) […]

Those of you who have read my blog consistently know that I am interested in two cases in which Project Lessons Learned can be identified from projects.  I call these the Single Project Case and the Multiple Project Case.  The Single Project Case involves a project manager and his team who wish to identify, document, […]

I recently had the opportunity to discuss BOT International’s  Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Advisory Services with Mark Price Perry, BOT International’s founder.  Our podcast on this topic is available here (Podcast No. 229). I have worked in this field for many years, during which time I worked with several major project organizations.  I feel that […]

Under the leadership of founder Mark Price Perry, BOT International, the company in which I am a Principal, PMO Practice, has assembled subject matter experts in PMO Setup, Project/Portfolio Management (PPM), Governance, and Project Closeout/Lessons Learned to create an integrated project and program management consulting group. This team recently assembled in Orlando, Florida at the 2011 PMO […]

John C. Maxwell can be a mesmerizing speaker.   When he exhorts you to give your best, you give your best.  When he beckons you to take on a great challenge, you say “How soon can I start?” I just listened to his audio CD lesson on “Conquering Life’s Great Challenges” for the fifth time, and every […]

Do you think that you can snap your fingers whenever you need some vital information?  Do you think that your LinkedIn connections or your Facebook or Twitter friends will come running to your aid whenever you need help? If it was late at night, and you were sitting in front of your laptop, in a […]

Why is “Success” magazine so successful?  Is it because the articles are so skillfully written that readers feel compelled to read the magazine cover to cover?  Is it because the insights are so insightful that no reader can resist the articles? Is it because John C. Maxwell always seems to grace their pages with his […]

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