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This past week was the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans.  The commentary on “Meet the Press” stated that it was the largest “man-made” disaster in U.S. history; not the largest “natural disaster.”  Why?  Because at some point in the past, a large (failed) project was undertaken to reinforce New Orleans’ levee system.  This project […]

In recent blog posts,  I have discussed how individual project and program managers can improve their capabilities and performance through some simple, yet very tangible and actionable, everyday tasks in the project process.  I want to turn now to “benchmarking”, an area which can be applied to improve performance on several “scales”, whether it be […]

“The mastery of risk is the foundation of modern life, from insurance to the stock market to engineering, science, and medicine.  We cannot see the future, but by calculating probabilities, we can do the next best thing:  make intelligent decisions–and take control of our lives–on the basis of scientific forecasts.”  Peter Bernstein, Against the Gods:  The […]

Recently I collaborated on a podcast with Wayne Thompson, the host of the very popular blog “Project Management War Stories.”  Wayne wanted a topic that would continue the theme of PMO structure, organization, and function within a larger enterprise.  We decided to revisit the topic of building a PMO from the “grass roots level”, which many of you will […]

There seems to be an abundance of recent research and published information on leadership in organizations these days.  Ironically, however, during the same time that the old method of listing and evaluating “attributes” of leadership has yielded to the critical examination of actual behavior in significant leadership scenarios, there have been fundamental breakdowns in basic leadership in […]

The usual way that Program Management Offices (PMO) impact the firm’s strategy is through the execution of their “value proposition.”  The execution of projects yields tangible, concrete assets; new processes; or principles of operation that guide the firm and add long term value to the shareholders.  This blog post addresses how PMOs can more effectively deliver […]

While researching and writing this PMO blog, I have observed that, in the last several years, project-focused organizations have increasingly expanded the use of (or created) Program Management Offices within their organizations.  Historically, the PMO concept first appeared in Information Technology or Information Services organizations, principally because those structures advocated and sponsored more disciplined and […]

Do you remember how Rod Serling started the “Twilight Zone” TV series each week?   He would say “For Your Consideration.”  That is exactly what I request of you in this blog entry. An article entitled  “Case Study:  Design in Cost Reduction“, which was cited in one of the Group Discussions on LinkedIn, caught my eye the other day.  […]

In Session I, we talked about the PMO Author taking a clean sheet of paper and developing a Funding Authorization Statement or Summary for a project which would include information and details concerning supporting documentation for the justification and approval process.  Here is the example we used: “This funding authorization seeks $37.5 million (capital and expense) from […]

Suppose you are a member of a successful IT or other business functional group whose members have successfully delivered “value” to their larger organizations/corporations through successful project implementation. Inevitably, this success brings additional requirements from the corporation to deliver more “value” through more projects over time. You begin to feel the pressure because resources may […]

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