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As most of my readers know, for the past twenty years I have been actively involved in defining project practices and in leading project teams to successful completion of projects.  I have learned a great deal through direct experience, feedback from other project managers, and from benchmarking my own organization’s practices versus those of others. […]

As project managers, we have all participated in Project Reviews and Project Closeout Sessions that looked and felt more like “inquisitions” than positive, healthy, and constructive reviews. “What went wrong? Who is to blame? Who was responsible for these outcomes and results? These actual results were not expected and we are going to get to […]

In a recent blog post, I discussed using “Design Thinking” principles to define complete business requirements for projects.  Audience response to this post was extremely positive, so I recently collaborated with Wayne Thompson, the author of the very popular blog “Project Management War Stories” to develop a two-part podcast on his blog site about the “Design […]

I have noticed recently, in the Discussion sections of  LinkedIn’s Project Managers, PMO, and PMO Bloggers Groups, that aspiring young project managers have been requesting advice from more experienced project managers and PMO leaders as to what steps they can take to enhance their ability to move forward in the “project community” and to advance their […]

I once worked with a college professor whose reference books on his desk had notations in the margins which consisted of columns of scribbled, handwritten dates such as “8/25/1982.”   When I questioned him about the notations, some of which consisted of five or six dates in a column in the margin, he said that many of the “topics” […]

Recently I collaborated on a podcast with Wayne Thompson, the host of the very popular blog “Project Management War Stories.”  Wayne wanted a topic that would continue the theme of PMO structure, organization, and function within a larger enterprise.  We decided to revisit the topic of building a PMO from the “grass roots level”, which many of you will […]

The usual way that Program Management Offices (PMO) impact the firm’s strategy is through the execution of their “value proposition.”  The execution of projects yields tangible, concrete assets; new processes; or principles of operation that guide the firm and add long term value to the shareholders.  This blog post addresses how PMOs can more effectively deliver […]

“Best Practices” is a term which is used very loosely in project as well as other business contexts. Often people use the term when they mean those practices which can be employed with high probability of success across organizational or company boundaries. But the real context of the application of Best Practices is within a […]

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