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As most of my readers know, for the past twenty years I have been actively involved in defining project practices and in leading project teams to successful completion of projects.  I have learned a great deal through direct experience, feedback from other project managers, and from benchmarking my own organization’s practices versus those of others. […]

Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand, and with a lever I will move the whole world.” As a project manager, you have probably used the term “lever” in the engineering or physics context to describe a device that can be used to gain a “mechanical advantage” in a given […]

So you have been a project manager for quite some time now and you think you have done a good job.  Sure, you’ve made some mistakes and some bad decisions along the way that you wish you could have reversed at the time and sown better judgment in handling.  But, overall you think you have […]

Those of you who follow my blog site know that I have written recently about the fact that Lessons Learned are all about us.  They occur in every discipline and field of endeavor we might pursue.  They arise as the result of actions of the participants and consequences of those actions or what is commonly […]

Sometimes project managers are as much informed by their projects, as they inform their projects.  And sometimes the lessons they learn are as valuable to the broader scheme of life, as they are to their projects going forward. What does that mean? It means that the total experience of carrying out and managing  a project […]

John C. Maxwell can be a mesmerizing speaker.   When he exhorts you to give your best, you give your best.  When he beckons you to take on a great challenge, you say “How soon can I start?” I just listened to his audio CD lesson on “Conquering Life’s Great Challenges” for the fifth time, and every […]

Everyone is talking about “Lessons Learned.”  With the wrath of hurricane Irene being felt up and down the east coast this week, David Gregory asked the FEMA Director on “Meet the Press” Sunday what lessons had been learned from Katrina that positively impacted the response to Irene.  Governor Christie of New Jersey declared that there […]

Why is “Success” magazine so successful?  Is it because the articles are so skillfully written that readers feel compelled to read the magazine cover to cover?  Is it because the insights are so insightful that no reader can resist the articles? Is it because John C. Maxwell always seems to grace their pages with his […]

“We had everything to gain by planning and working closely together to advance the development and maturity of our new IT Project Office, but it seemed that every time we would take a step together in the right direction, one of us would sideswipe the accomplishment by acting irrationally or in what seemed like an […]

Recently, I collaborated with Wayne Thompson, author and host of the very popular blog “Project Management War Stories,” to develop a podcast covering one of the topics that I have frequently written about in this blog–Project Lessons Learned.  Part One is now ready for your listening. Part Two is also ready on the same site.  As […]

Those of you who have followed my PMO Blog for some time know that I am very interested in Project Lessons Learned and their impact on future project team behavior and success.   Among the themes that I have developed are: 1.  Why it is desirable to conduct Project Lessons Learned reviews at specific intervals in […]

This past week was the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans.  The commentary on “Meet the Press” stated that it was the largest “man-made” disaster in U.S. history; not the largest “natural disaster.”  Why?  Because at some point in the past, a large (failed) project was undertaken to reinforce New Orleans’ levee system.  This project […]

In an earlier post to this PMO Blog (“What is the Impact of Project Environment on Project Lessons Learned and Knowledge Management” ), I talked about observations from my experiences working in a PMO setting about project lessons learned (observations which have been confirmed by others using systemic thinking principles).  Project lessons learned can arise from two sources: […]

Note that the question above says the “best time” and not the “most convenient” time.  The “best time” should be that time which will allow for reflection, feedback and adjustment of any project assumptions or other parameters which would contribute to project success.  It should be that time which will allow win-win solutions to be […]

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