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When I was a Project Manager with UNOCAL 76 Products Company in southern California in the mid-1990s, one of my roles was to manage the build-out and opening of Convenience Stores (C-stores) according to our UNOCAL Fastbreak Program. Convenience stores were added to some existing 76 Products fueling sites and C-stores were also introduced at […]

As project managers, we have all participated in Project Reviews and Project Closeout Sessions that looked and felt more like “inquisitions” than positive, healthy, and constructive reviews. “What went wrong? Who is to blame? Who was responsible for these outcomes and results? These actual results were not expected and we are going to get to […]

A great deal has been written during this golfing season on the abilities of many young golfers such as Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, and Rory McIlroy on the PGA tour and the international golf circuit.  By winning The Open Championship at Liverpool this past month (and maintaining his number one rank since then), Rory McIlroy […]

In my new book, Lessons Learned:  Taking Project Management to a New Level in a Continuous Process Improvement Framework, I develop a process for project managers at a Project Close phase of their projects to capture, document, and share lessons learned from their projects with the assistance of the project organization.  In the past, many […]

How Project Management Relates to Business Continuity Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Vendor Management, IT Management, and Other Related Professions   By Barry Cardoza, CBCP Business Continuation Consultant (Note:  Barry Cardoza is an internationally recognized consultant in Business Continuation Planning, Emergency Response and Enterprise Risk Management.  He is the author of Building A Business Impact Analysis […]

The other day I was listening to a speaker on TV talking about his experience with a waiter in a restaurant recently.  He was focusing on the expression or phrase “No problem,” which the waiter continually used during the process of waiting on the customer.  The TV speaker indicated that he was very thirsty when […]

I really enjoyed watching the Open Championship last weekend. It is the oldest golf championship in the world, dating back several hundred years. The Open Championship, which is known more completely as the British Open Championship, draws the best golfers from all over the world to courses in England and Scotland in mid-summer every year […]

As most readers of my blog already know, in summer 2011 I traveled to Panama to facilitate two courses in Project Closeout and Lessons Learned for the Panama Canal Construction Division. The Panama Canal Authority is engaged in a Canal Expansion Program which is scheduled to complete in August 2014 which happens to be the […]

This is a reprint of my blog from last summer 2011 with the same subject. I have always thought that summer was a time for “renewal.” After all, isn’t that why there was no school in the summer, and why your parents sent you to those summer camp “enrichment” programs?  It was so you could relax […]

To all my PMO blog readers, I will be facilitating one day Project Closeoout and Lessons Learned Workshops in the following cities in May and June 2012:  St. Louis, Indianapolis, Memphis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit and Des Moines.  This is a part of a group of workshops sponsored by Gantthead and BOT International with […]

Recently I was watching an episode on HGTV–Home and Garden TV–in which a couple was renovating and redecorating a patio area of their home.  They wanted to place some three foot high planters with flowers at different locations on the patio perimeter for privacy and for decoration.  The HGTV consultant they were using suggested that they […]

I find it really interesting that people are all clamoring to get copies of Steve Jobs’ biography.  And the press is continually revealing their own interpretation of passages from his book and key events from his life.  Why is this? Because people are looking for that instant key to “wisdom” that Steve Jobs exhibited which made […]

In an earlier post to this PMO Blog (“What is the Impact of Project Environment on Project Lessons Learned and Knowledge Management” ), I talked about observations from my experiences working in a PMO setting about project lessons learned (observations which have been confirmed by others using systemic thinking principles).  Project lessons learned can arise from two sources: […]

For those of you new to my blog by way of “Scope Crepe,” I want to thank Rich Maltzmann, PMP, for his link with my PMO Expert Blog.  My blog is intended to provide project managers and PMO leaders an in depth look at some issues and themes from my 15 years of experience in […]

By three methods we may learn wisdom: – First, by reflection, which is noblest; – Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and – Third by experience, which is bitterest. Confucius Those of you who have seen the movie “The Ron Clark Story” already know about the remarkable efforts of a dedicated teacher in inner city […]

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