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I just finished a new book by Seth Godin entitled Linchpin.  It was a very thought provoking book about the realities of today’s job market and worldwide industry outlook.  In this book, Seth defines a “linchpin” as a person who is “indispensable” to an organization.  A “linchpin” is a person who acts as an “artist” […]

If you are a project manager, you should be working everyday to develop a quality or capability known as “resiliency.”  Resiliency is the ability to spring back or rebound from emotional setbacks.  Resiliency is “mental toughness.”  In this context, “mental toughness” or tenacity is the ability to lock-on to an end-result, goal, or project and […]

In Part I of this post, we discussed two communication mechanisms–Situational and Empathic Communication–that project managers can use to ensure that stakeholders hear and understand key project issues.  In my experiences working with many project managers in a PMO environment, Situational and Empathic Communication–along with Resonance and Metaphorical Communication, the two communications mechanisms that I will […]

If you have been following my project related posts on this Blog, you know that one of my themes has been effective communication with all project stakeholders.  Of course, this means using different types of communication, with different types of stakeholders,  in different types of situations.  It has often been said that, if you want […]

Do you remember how Rod Serling started the “Twilight Zone” TV series each week?   He would say “For Your Consideration.”  That is exactly what I request of you in this blog entry. An article entitled  “Case Study:  Design in Cost Reduction“, which was cited in one of the Group Discussions on LinkedIn, caught my eye the other day.  […]

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