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Everyone is talking about “Lessons Learned.”  With the wrath of hurricane Irene being felt up and down the east coast this week, David Gregory asked the FEMA Director on “Meet the Press” Sunday what lessons had been learned from Katrina that positively impacted the response to Irene.  Governor Christie of New Jersey declared that there […]

Do you think that you can snap your fingers whenever you need some vital information?  Do you think that your LinkedIn connections or your Facebook or Twitter friends will come running to your aid whenever you need help? If it was late at night, and you were sitting in front of your laptop, in a […]

Why is “Success” magazine so successful?  Is it because the articles are so skillfully written that readers feel compelled to read the magazine cover to cover?  Is it because the insights are so insightful that no reader can resist the articles? Is it because John C. Maxwell always seems to grace their pages with his […]

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