golfWhy do golfers watch “The Golf Channel” on TV? I believe that at least 90% of the viewers already know how to play the game. Many of them are so good they compete in tournaments all over the world. But they still watch “The Golf Channel” every time they get a chance.

Well, the truth be known, it’s probably because all these golfers want to get better at playing the game. They are looking for those little tips from the experts, the PGA and LPGA pros and legends of golf to guide them to new ways to play the game. They are looking for those “Lessons” from the golfers who make golf their livelihood.

And, of course, every golfer defines for himself what it means to “get better.” All are looking for outcomes with their golf games that satisfy some inner objective they have in their lives.

Now if you examine the topics and approaches of many of these “Lessons” programs, they center on helping golfers “change” something about their game that is hindering them scoring like they really want to score.

But, if you look closely, they are also taking another approach these days. Some golfers have developed what I would term “Best Practices” in their swing or their putting, or their short game that continue to work for them day in and day out. It’s termed “success.”  Some of the legends of golf have those attributes as well. If you look at video footage of Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus, they each have a unique mannerism in the way they swing the club. And it continued to serve them well throughout their careers. So one of the things “The Golf Channel” is focusing in on right now is the uniqueness that each golfer brings to his own game.

Fast forward to all you project managers who follow my blog. Everyone around you is always telling you to do it a different way which follows some group’s established project practices with regard to projects. And your PMO Manager is telling you to watch that budget and don’t let that schedule slip. But there are some things that are unique about what you do every day as a project manager. They make you what you are in your particular project group and business context.

Embrace that uniqueness…let it guide you to new heights of accomplishment in project management. You will be a guide to others and set new standards in your project successes.

As usual, let me have your feedback.

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