Mel Bost I am a principal with BOT International, a leading provider of software solutions for project management processes. BOT’s flagship product, Processes On Demand, helps project management offices (PMO) and IT organizations reduce costs, save time, and improve project results.

I am engaged in Business Development with the PMO Processes on Demand products, and I provide on-site training to my clients in a number of areas related to project management and Project Management Offices (PMOs), including project lessons learned, best practices, and knowledge management.

I’m interested in the emerging disciplines of “Design Thinking” and “Business Design” as they relate to product and business strategy in both consumer product companies and industrial service companies. “Business Design” is being spearheaded by Helen Fraser and Dean Roger Martin of The Rotman School of Management at The University of Toronto, and by IDEO. The new spirit of “Innovation” is linked to “Design Thinking” and “Integrative Thinking.”

I am an active participant in the Learning and Development Roundtable of the Corporate Executive Board. The Roundtable develops Best Practice Research in Leader Training and Development for major organizations.

I have been actively involved in organizing and developing the processes, standards and procedures for Program Management Offices (PMO) for two major corporations, ConocoPhillips and Tosco Corporation. I have worked closely with the PMO Executive Council in Washington, DC to define Best Practices for the project management processes for the PMOs. This activity has resulted in translating the PMO Best Practices of companies like American Express, Proctor and Gamble, Eli Lilly and others into actionable organizational structures. In addition, I have developed PMO organizations from a “grass roots” starting point.

I have been actively involved in developing Training for the Process and Treating Project Management Group in Goal Setting, “Crucial Conversations,” Project Risk Analysis, Negotiations, Achieving Potential using the Louis Tice Framework. We have used the Boston University Project Management Competency Model to focus on key competencies for improvement of project manager performance.


Program Management Office (PMO) Best Practices
Competency Modeling for Project Managers


o Michael Hammer’s Process Reengineering Program
o Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model, Carnegie-Mellon University, December 1998
o Advanced Facilitation Techniques, AMA
o PMI Certification Course Spring 2008

In addition to my project and PMO work, I have done some background research and writing on Internal and External Customer Service and Systems Thinking.


Re-Evaluating Customer Service Needs In an Ever-Changing Market

Quality Service Critical To Success

Systems Thinking Promotes Sustainable GSS Growth

HR Processes for Building Judgment Capability

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