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     As I work with project managers in many fields, it is becoming more apparent every day that, in the future, new technology development will play a greater role in delivering “value” from project management. Of course, new technology development has been a major part of many projects. Witness the development of electrical components and […]

My recent PMO blog posts have consistently addressed some of the prerequisites for an “actionable” Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Process for the PMO or project organization.  In general, these have been activities or competencies or capabilities that the organization needs to nurture in order to really make Project Lessons Learned an active contributor to […]

In the course of my work developing an “actionable” framework for project lessons learned, I have learned that one of the great facilitating actions contributing to a robust and “actionable” Project Lessons Learned Framework is an active Project Risk Management Plan.  Many project organizations already incorporate Risk Management as a capability in their planning and execution […]

Last week’s episode of Parenthood on NBC had a number of dimensions.  I would like to review, from my perspective, what happened in this episode, and then draw some conclusions for the project community followers of this blog.  In this episode, one of the main characters, Adam Braverman is faced with a number of issues.  He […]

Project managers who fully experience the project process learn and acquire truth, knowledge, decision-making skills, and good judgment.  There are three primary methods by which project managers may learn these lessons: First, “reflecting” is the preferred method because it results in the highest value to the project manager.  “Reflection” means focusing attention on or studying an event or […]

It has been difficult to pick up any literature on business strategy and business growth recently without seeing the word “innovation” splattered all over the headlines and content.  “Innovation” is such a catchy word these days because the idea inspires people; it connotes taking the innovator to a new height of success.  Likewise, there are […]

Ultimately, after all is said and done, I believe that we all are searching for “happiness” in our lives.  It’s that combination of emotions, activities and long lasting collaborations which bring us satisfaction and enjoyment from living everyday. When my daughter was married six years ago, I gave a toast in which I addressed “happiness.”  […]

In recent blog posts,  I have discussed how individual project and program managers can improve their capabilities and performance through some simple, yet very tangible and actionable, everyday tasks in the project process.  I want to turn now to “benchmarking”, an area which can be applied to improve performance on several “scales”, whether it be […]

Recently I collaborated on a podcast with Wayne Thompson, the host of the very popular blog “Project Management War Stories.”  Wayne wanted a topic that would continue the theme of PMO structure, organization, and function within a larger enterprise.  We decided to revisit the topic of building a PMO from the “grass roots level”, which many of you will […]

The usual way that Program Management Offices (PMO) impact the firm’s strategy is through the execution of their “value proposition.”  The execution of projects yields tangible, concrete assets; new processes; or principles of operation that guide the firm and add long term value to the shareholders.  This blog post addresses how PMOs can more effectively deliver […]

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