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     As I work with project managers in many fields, it is becoming more apparent every day that, in the future, new technology development will play a greater role in delivering “value” from project management. Of course, new technology development has been a major part of many projects. Witness the development of electrical components and […]

In my new book, Lessons Learned:  Taking Project Management to a New Level in a Continuous Process Improvement Framework, I talk at great length about the role that organizational dynamics plays in driving the behaviors and ultimately the performance of groups like PMOs or Project Offices. Some people have asked me to elaborate more on […]

In the field project management, there are instances of what I term the “accidental” project manager. This expression can have several connotations, and I would like to give two examples to illustrate the characteristics of the situations. Once again, “perspective” is important in determining which connotation you tend to conjure up; depending on your personal […]

Many of the followers of my blog will recall my references to the principles and work of Lou Tice of The Pacific Institute.  Lou Tice was a teacher and a leader who guided the development of many managers in large and small organizations.  His “Achieving Your Potential” and “Investment in Excellence” Programs have been a mainstay […]

In my work with Program Management Offices (PMOs) for the past few years, I have developed some observations about PMO maturity, and the capabilities and competencies that PMOs have incorporated into their overall organizational makeup. Typically, PMOs are formed in organizations to ensure that the project groups can consistently and repeatedly deliver excellence in their […]

In the course of my work developing an “actionable” framework for project lessons learned, I have learned that one of the great facilitating actions contributing to a robust and “actionable” Project Lessons Learned Framework is an active Project Risk Management Plan.  Many project organizations already incorporate Risk Management as a capability in their planning and execution […]

When I teach project managers about Project Lessons Learned for the single project case—that is, when a project manager identifies, documents, and shares lessons learned from a recently completed project—I emphasize three areas upon which they must focus their attention to in order to determine Significant Events for Lessons Learned.  The three areas are (1) […]

Under the leadership of founder Mark Price Perry, BOT International, the company in which I am a Principal, PMO Practice, has assembled subject matter experts in PMO Setup, Project/Portfolio Management (PPM), Governance, and Project Closeout/Lessons Learned to create an integrated project and program management consulting group. This team recently assembled in Orlando, Florida at the 2011 PMO […]

Readers of this blog will know that I talk about behaviors of PMO project managers, team members, stakeholders, and others in the project community.  These are real behaviors that I have seen in my experiences working in and setting up several PMOs. Much has been written in recent years about strategic partnerships in project management.  […]

“We had everything to gain by planning and working closely together to advance the development and maturity of our new IT Project Office, but it seemed that every time we would take a step together in the right direction, one of us would sideswipe the accomplishment by acting irrationally or in what seemed like an […]

As project managers and PMO practitioners, we continually strive to improve our performance by reflecting on those areas where we excel, and critically reviewing areas where we could create more desirable outcomes when faced with similar circumstances.   “Dilemmas” are one area of conflict where we can all improve our performance.  Dilemmas arise from internal or external conflicts […]

Last week another PMO practitioner in a related industry asked me the question “How do you know how mature your PMO is at any given time?  Is there a measure or gauge for maturity that you can use to determine your current state?” This is an extremely timely question in today’s project and program management […]

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